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Rodeo Cats were formed in the Summer of 1999. It was basically started because there was an interest in Line Dancing in Kilkenny and nobody to keep it going. There was a group of 13 who came together and decided to get Line Dancing back on track in Kilkenny.

Line Dancing came into Kilkenny in 1995. It was based in Langton`s and was spearheaded by “Step in Line” which was fronted by Howard Dee and Skip Jennings. That came to an end approx. 3 years later. They were the first to run Social weekends and the venue was the Gleneagle in Killarney.

Our group banded together and decided to keep it alive in Kilkenny. We needed a name for the Club so we put it to all involved to put their thinking caps on and see what would come out of it. We needed a connection with Kilkenny and a connection with Line Dancing. After many names the name “Rodeo Cats” came into being.

What can we do for you?

Themed social gatherings for Line Dancers, Local Groups and Corporate and Company events.

Line Dance DJ for hire for your events such BBQ`s, Barn Dances and Outdoor Events.

Workshops and social nights for different levels of dancers.

Weekends and one night away for clubs or group or social gatherings.

All Country Socials and weekends.

Let us organise your themed Country event. Contact Rodeo Cats whatever your requirements are and we can advise as necessary.

You should also know…

The group was started to keep the Line Dance flag flying in Kilkenny. There is a great social aspect to the Line Dancing. It’s a bit of exercise and a social interaction and you do not need a partner to go to classes.

Everyone starts out as a beginner and gradually progress up the ladder to Intermediate /Advanced level. Line Dancing is not for everyone, some come and decide it`s not for them and some come to class and stay for years and years and years.

Line Dancing originally started out with American Country music. In the present era all types of music are used for Line Dancing and people have their preferences of which type they like. Everyone`s tastes differ.

We started running Social night where classes come together to Line Dance socially and interact with each other. We also started running Social Weekends where people from different groups and areas get together for a weekend of Social Line Dancing. The venue we used is Springhill Court Hotel and still use it.

I got involved with the CLAI which is one of the Associations in the country and was involved in running and organising competitions. Some of the Kilkenny dancers got involved in competitions and have had success down through the years. I got the All Ireland Finals to Kilkenny Springhill Court Hotel for 5 consecutive years.

There are about 6 of the original group still dancing. Line Dancing is still alive in Kilkenny and as it is in many other Counties around the country.

There is still a lot of people out there who do not know that Line Dancing is still alive and kicking in the country. There is a very active profile on social media in regards to Line Dancing and it promotes the clubs and groups around the country.


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