Rodeo Cats Dance File

Dances through the years

This is a list of dances that we ave done through the years.It is not a full list of what we have done but more a list of the more popular dances.I will be adding to this list from time to time as it`s hard to remember them all.This is a start.This list may jog a few memories.

The file is in Microsoft Excel.I should be easy to open even on a mobile phone.!AkfwM2vyKT8xrzviARlQBD2A1M9y

File for Country & Oldies Weekend

This is a file for the “Country & Oldies Weekend”.The file is not finished but people are looking for a list and this is a starter. The file is an indication of what may be played. More dances will be added as they come to mind.This file could also be used as a reference library or if you are away at a Social night and you are scratching your head trying to think of requests.

The file is in Microsoft excel.It should be easy to open.Any problems you can contact me and I can e-mail it to anyone who needs it. I have another file to add which is compiled for the girls in Kilkenny. It consists of dances done through the years and have been forgotten. Too many new dances coming on stream and I think people are fed up of learning dances and a few months later are gone.

Some of the comments from dancers justifies the list I have compiled.People in general enjoyed those dances and why not revive some of them or people’s favourites down through the years.

Some dances are under their proper name.Such as Trashy Women the proper name is Horsin Around.Honky Tonk Attitude`s proper name is Diffie Attitude.There are a few old dances with “Choregrapher Unknown”.I would have copies of those sheets.!AkfwM2vyKT8xpnNuHoRQwP7PmTfd

Updated 17th March.